Señorita Rock&Roll

"Siempre hubo en mí, al menos, dos mujeres una mujer desesperada y perpleja que siente que se está ahogando y otra que salta a la acción, como si fuera un escenario, disimulando sus verdaderas emociones porque ellas son la debilidad, la impotencia, la desesperación y presenta al mundo sólo una sonrisa, ímpetu, curiosidad, entusiasmo, interés. " -Anaïs Nïn.

“No incurrí en el error de preguntarle si me quería. Comprendí que no era el primero y que no sería el último”

– Jorge Luis Borges; Ulrica (via magicopez)


Mornings and Evenings: 3191 Miles Apart

To view more photos from Maria and Steph, follow @3191milesapart on Instagram and visit their blog, 3191 Miles Apart.

Long before Instagram began, Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes found each other online and bonded over a mutual love of craft and simple domesticity. Living 3191 miles (5135 km) apart in the US cities of Portland, Maine, and Portland, Oregon, the two began a year-long project posting a diptych of their morning view side-by-side on their blog, 3191 Miles Apart.

They enjoyed the experience so much that they ran a subsequent year-long project of evenings, eventually met each other in person and later started a quarterly magazine, blog and shop together. Instagram was the natural next step for their daily photos of coffee and cereal.

"We decided to start the Instagram account to recapture some of the spirit of how 3191 Miles Apart began," explains Steph. "Instagram allows us to celebrate the everyday again." The pair alternate in posting photos from their morning and evening scenes with the signatures "MAV" for Maria and "SCB" for Steph, as well as some additions from newer members of the team.

"What I have loved about being on Instagram with my 3191 team is how our posts play off and interact with each other much as MAV’s and my photos did in our Year of Mornings and Evenings projects. I love to look at our grid of photos every now and again. Inevitably, the colors and shapes complement each other in amazing ways."